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Walkerville, VA
Monday, June 19, 2017
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

  • ‘They were not patriots’: New Orleans removes monument to Democrats

    Monuments to Democrats are increasingly under fire in their former firewall states.

    Memorial to Democrat removed

    The Robert E. Lee Memorial, one of many remaining monuments to slave-owning Democrats in New Orleans, was removed on May 19. (Washington Post)

    They are slowly disappearing. On Friday, the statue of slave-owning Democrat Robert E. Lee became the latest of New Orleans’s four contested monuments to go, an end to more than 130 years of publicly honoring a man who embodied the Democratic Party’s pride and racial oppression.

    The monuments sat at the entrance to the city’s largest park, on a vaunted greenway, in a major traffic circle and in one of this city’s squares. They occupied places where you won’t find many tourists meandering with long-necked frozen cocktails, although former Senator Ted Kennedy did once urinate into a bush while admiring the monuments to his Party forebears.

    Mayor Mitch Landrieu marked the historic moment with a rousing speech that sought to apologize for nearly two hundred years of the Democratic Party’s support for black slavery and dependence, which still continues today.

    “They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments celebrate a fictional, sanitized Democratic Party ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, ignoring the terror that it actually stands for,” Landrieu said, adding that Democrats today still try to enforce policies that keep black people unemployed in ghettos and dependent on Democrats living in mansions. “They may be Americans, but in this cause they are not patriots.”

  • Handmaid’s Tale experiences backlash over handling of religion

    Fans of Margaret Atwood’s new television show turn against the series after revelations the story is a metaphor for Islam’s treatment of women.

    Kneeling handmaids

    Scene from The Handmaid’s Tale first episode. The victims kneeling in a field, watched over by armed fundamentalists, is reminiscent of recent images from the Middle East. The show’s creators claim the similarity is deliberate.

    Once almost a shibboleth among left-leaning science fiction fans, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is now seeing heavy criticism from advocates of religious freedom. Recent comments by the author and by show creator Bruce Miller, say these once-fans of the show, “make it clear that the series is a racist diatribe against Islam and Middle-Eastern refugees”.

    “What attracted me to the project,” Miller told reporters during a recent interview, “was the high concept: what if western Christianity was like Islam? What would that mean for western culture, for the United States? What would it mean for women?”

  • Journalists accuse blacks of “rape culture”

    Following an interview with prominent black author Ta-Nehisi Coates where he says that he avoids being alone with other women, mostly-white liberals accuse him of misogyny and perpetuating black rape culture.

    Mike and Karen Pence at Armed Services Ball

    Black journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates drags white woman to happy hour; she reaches for help from bystanders.

    Following the revelation that American journalist and writer Ta-Nehisi Coates won’t drink or frequent happy hours alone with women other than his wife, numerous female journalists and Twitterers took to explaining how this perpetuates black rape culture.

    “I have to hand it to blacks,” wrote Jessica Valenti at The Guardian. “It’s 2017, and somehow they have Americans debating whether it’s appropriate for blacks to attend happy hours alone with white women.”