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Walkerville, VA
Monday, August 13, 2018
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

  • Obama to lead domestic violence shelter

    Former President Barack Obama promises to tear down the barriers of hate, and end the divisions that plague shelters. “We will restore the Sanctuary’s image as the last, best hope for acceptance for all those touched by domestic violence.”

    President Obama at El Reno

    “We will tear down the walls that keep victims of domestic violence and their families apart,” said President Obama. “But this razor wire may be useful to keep domestic violence victims from escaping their responsibility to love and forgive all those touched by domestic violence.”

    The Office of the President-Emeritus announced today that President Barack Obama has accepted an offer by the Washington, DC-based Sanctuary for Abused Women & Children. President Obama will assume the Executive Directorship of the shelter.

    The SAWC is well-regarded throughout the District for its efforts to protect victims of domestic abuse, providing both shelter and counseling. The former President acknowledged this record, but said “we can do more”. He promised drastic change in the way the shelter excludes certain people, especially the parents of abused children.

    “Let’s not mince words,” said President Obama. “The choice we face is ultimately between acceptance and some form of killing parents. How can those who say we should kill parents of abused children in good conscience oppose acceptance of them?”

    President Obama’s first act as Executive Director instructed SAWC’s Director of Operations Fauzia Mohammad to immediately “remove all barriers to access the shelter grounds, including locks, gates, and perimeter walls.”

    Mohammed told the Reader that, in accordance with the SAWC’s new rules promoting acceptance over exclusion, the front desk “will no longer require visitor identification, nor will we any longer inform the police when certain activities occur on these premises, activities that might once have sparked a violent confrontation with law enforcement.”

    The shelter’s Director of Development, Faleh Almaleki, added that under the new policies, children and women “are requested to avoid dangerous accusations about abuse, in order to deter potentially violent backlash against parents in general.”

  • ‘They were not patriots’: New Orleans removes monument to Democrats

    Monuments to Democrats are increasingly under fire in their former firewall states.

    Memorial to Democrat removed

    The Robert E. Lee Memorial, one of many remaining monuments to slave-owning Democrats in New Orleans, was removed on May 19. (Washington Post)

    They are slowly disappearing. On Friday, the statue of slave-owning Democrat Robert E. Lee became the latest of New Orleans’s four contested monuments to go, an end to more than 130 years of publicly honoring a man who embodied the Democratic Party’s pride and racial oppression.

    The monuments sat at the entrance to the city’s largest park, on a vaunted greenway, in a major traffic circle and in one of this city’s squares. They occupied places where you won’t find many tourists meandering with long-necked frozen cocktails, although former Senator Ted Kennedy did once urinate into a bush while admiring the monuments to his Party forebears.

  • Handmaid’s Tale experiences backlash over handling of religion

    Fans of Margaret Atwood’s new television show turn against the series after revelations the story is a metaphor for Islam’s treatment of women.

    Kneeling handmaids

    Scene from The Handmaid’s Tale first episode. The victims kneeling in a field, watched over by armed fundamentalists, is reminiscent of recent images from the Middle East. The show’s creators claim the similarity is deliberate.

    Once almost a shibboleth among left-leaning science fiction fans, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is now seeing heavy criticism from advocates of religious freedom. Recent comments by the author and by show creator Bruce Miller, say these once-fans of the show, “make it clear that the series is a racist diatribe against Islam and Middle-Eastern refugees”.

    “What attracted me to the project,” Miller told reporters during a recent interview, “was the high concept: what if western Christianity was like Islam? What would that mean for western culture, for the United States? What would it mean for women?”