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Walkerville, VA
Monday, May 25, 2015
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

  • Wife offers no apology after husband beats her

    Social change reporter blames victims for attacks, says free speech isn’t worth defending.

    Sandhya Somashekhar

    “That woman knew what she was doing when she baited her abuser,” says Washington Post reporter doing a Marx impression.

    Gwangju Inhwa, the Korean woman who escaped her American husband after she was abused in the first year of her marriage knew what she was doing when she married him.

    She chose to come to this country on a fiancée visa, making her immigrant status dependent on her future husband’s. She was a carefree college student in Korea when she met her husband, a man of Korean descent who was raised in the Washington area. They dated for a while, carried on an e-mail relationship when he returned to the United States and eventually got engaged.

    If the marriage was intended to get her to the United States, it worked. She said he was loving, but she knew the kind of person she was dealing with. An American who goes out of country to find a wife does so for a reason. She took those risks, and endangered herself and her family in doing so.

    After he discovered that she had lied about her reasons for marrying him, he started abusing her. He choked her until his hands made purple impressions on her throat, she said. He punched and kicked her, and slammed her head against the car door, sometimes smiling all the while. Once, she said, he flew into a rage and ravaged their apartment, pulling her clothes out of the closet and smearing them with soybean paste from the refrigerator.

    “Women have every right to use men to come to the United States, as ugly as others, including me, think it is—without facing domestic abuse,” said Samuel Parris of the Society for the Prevention of Free Speech.

    Still, “I think decent people would say, ‘Why would you need to do that?’” Parris said.

  • Republican namecalling: single man creating laws smacks of “dictatorship”

    Extreme Republicans call U.S. President “dictator”, jealous that President’s actions to achieve goals bypass congressional obstruction and gridlock.

    Humpty Dumpty

    “When I sign a bill it means just what I choose it to mean.”

    President Obama has been taking a lot of flack from the right-wing. From Paul Broun of Georgia to the controversial Jodi Ernst and Ted Cruz, and supporters of the bizarre Rick Santorum, Republicans are insulting the President as a dictator. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) called him a thug and a dictator.

    The only excuse they give is that the President is making laws without consulting congress. Democrats argue that if Congress doesn’t want to get anything done, the President is “well within his rights” to act without the legislative body.

    The President joked that “let me just say, if locking people in a room until they start acting on my common-sense proposals makes me a dictator, well, call me a dictator.”

    “Seriously,” the President said, “I can’t be a dictator. I don’t know how to mind-meld my opponents like the Jedi.”

  • Reader Exposé: Mismediation of Deaf Culture and the tyranny of audism

    Sign language interpreters are always pulled from the ranks of the hearing, and can have no understanding of how to communicate the thoughts and feelings of the deaf.

    Fake sign language interpreter

    Audist plot to assassinate President Obama fails.

    The deaf are more oppressed today than ever. They are oppressed by a hearing majority that stands between them and every major speaking event, that purports to mediate for them at every literary or poetry engagement, at every civic function.

    At conventions, fan or professional, it is the hearing that tell them what is happening. At readings, it is the hearing that translate for them the emotional truths of the literary greats. Always, it is the hearing that stand between the deaf and enjoyment of the world.