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Monday, July 8, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

OccupyDemocrats breaks with teacher unions, demands school choice

In a major break with a critical Democrat power base, OccupyDemocrats accuses Democrats, NEA, and former President Obama with “denying minority children the right to quality education in order to keep them in chains to a failed ideology.”

Occupy Democrats: Why We Need School Choice: “Occupy Democrats: Why we need school choice.” Tanya McDowell, Felicity Huffman.; educational diversity; school choice; Occupy Democrats

Occupy Democrats: Choosing your child’s school should not be a crime.

Citing the disparate treatment of Felicity Huffman, the actress who bribed an SAT test administrator to get her child into a better school, and Tanya McDowell, the mother who lied about her address to get her child into a better school, the guerrilla political meme-generator OccupyDemocrats yesterday broke with the Democratic Party and demanded school choice nationwide.

Critics argued that McDowell’s drug crimes, and her possession of drugs on elementary school property, were the reason for her jail time, but Occupy Democrats spokesperson Barbara Boopstein said that:

We all know drug crimes are nothing-burger crimes today. You don’t get five years for marijuana. But the teacher unions are so powerful that they’ll send a homeless black mother to jail for five years just for the “crime” of choosing a better school for her child!

Boopstein criticized the “hypocrisy of the NEA and Democrats chaining minorities to failing schools.” Boopstein called inner-city schools “the new plantation system” and accused Democrats of using failing schools to deny education to minority children.

In an interview Tuesday on the Candace Owens Show, Boopstein was especially critical of former President Obama’s decision to cancel the popular Washington, DC school choice option for parents of children in failing inner-city schools.She argued that “it is long past time for school choice, so that parents don’t have to risk prison time for good schools.”

Boopstein unveiled a new Occupy Democrats meme campaign urging minorities to vote for Republican candidates whenever the Republican candidate supports the choice of minority parents to choose their children’s schools, “which, let’s face it, is every election. Democrats don’t have the education of minority children as a priority, and Republicans do.”

“School choice,” said Boopstein, “is critical to the future of our children. Nothing is more important than education. Choosing your child’s school should not be a crime!”

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