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Monday, May 20, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Americans United story completely fabricated?

Ariel Heart writes a heartfelt plea to reality, begging it to measure up to the standards of fiction.

I contacted Americans United and they have NOTHING to do with this. I quote the AU representative “Americans United has sent no such letter regarding Democrats or the White House. That story is completely fabricated.” I do not see where you state that the story was satire!

We have personally verified this article with the highly gifted students of the former Midwich School for Cuckoos and are confident that their words are accurately quoted. However, we at the Reader recognize that in today’s post-modern world it can be difficult to perceive the feathery line between satire and reality. Many satire sites make a good living doing nothing more than repeating real-world actions, comparing them to a person or organization’s stated goals, and then constructing the logical conclusion—perhaps tossing in obscure pop-culture references at the same time.

We here at the Reader wouldn’t know anything about that, as we do not make a good living.

Your own quote from the Americans United representative is troubling. Ultimately it is up to you to judge for yourself the believability of quotes you find on the Internet. Judge for yourself whether the organization’s goals match their actions, and then try to tell yourself, wherever you may be, it couldn’t happen here!

Really, it’s not difficult.

Comment on Americans United decries Democrats preaching in schools: Influential Separation of Church and State organization says opposition to second Obama term stems from the President and his supporters “using public schools for preaching”.