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Monday, June 10, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Senator Kamala Harris calls for slavery reparations

California Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris calls on Democrats to support reparations to descendants of former slaves, and to descendants of Union soldiers who died freeing them.

Senator Harris Debt to Lincoln: Senator Kamala Harris, “Black Americans owe a debt to the party of Lincoln they can never fully repay.”; reparations; Kamala Harris

“Democrats need to end their love affair with human trafficking,” said the Senator.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) in an interview last week called on blacks to repay the descendants of those Americans who died ensuring their freedom. Harris said on the popular radio show “The Breakfast Club” that a million and a half men, mostly white, risked their lives in the Civil War to ensure the freedom of blacks. At least 600,000 died or were wounded fighting to end the slave policy that Democrats fought so hard to retain.

“Those lives represent a debt blacks in America can never fully repay,” said Harris, a first-generation California descendant of a Tamil mother and Jamaican father, “but they should try.”

According to Harris, Democrats should also bear the cost of reparations. “Democrats tried at every stage to undermine President Lincoln, whether those Democrats took up arms in the south to defend slavery or whether they used deep-state tactics in the north to weaken Lincoln’s administration,” said Harris at a campaign rally in Los Angeles. “And looking at what they’re doing to the latest Republican president, Democrats haven’t changed much. They’re still trying to keep blacks on plantations, still trying to import slaves from across the border.”

Many observers praised Harris for her bravery. Journalist Emeritus Hark Thrice told the Reader, “Senator Harris told her audience of mostly Democrats that anyone who is a Democrat today or who votes for Democrats knowingly shares in the Democrats’ responsibility for slavery. That’s a very brave position for a Democrat primary candidate to take.”

Harris emphasized that “It is only right that Democrats, and people who vote Democrat, pay reparations for supporting an organization of people who fought for slavery, and who killed, both during the war and after the war, Republicans who fought to end slavery.”

Harris concluded with a merciless lesson in history for the Democrats among her listeners.

When Democrats claimed that the Negro was not in the Declaration of Independence, Republicans disagreed, and fought at the ballot box to keep freemen free. When Democrats ruled that the Negro was not and never would be citizens of the United States, Republicans disagreed, fought to free them, and passed the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments to ensure freemen would never again have their citizenship rights stripped by Democrats.

When Republicans opened federal employment to freed slaves, Democrats kicked them out or segregated them in cages the moment Democrats regained power. They appointed Klan members to the Supreme Court and elected them to Congress and to Senate Majority Leader even as they begged us for our votes. When Republicans forced the Civil Rights Act through despite the filibuster of Democrats, Democrats rioted in bowling alleys and in public schools to keep blacks out of public accomodations.

Even today, when Democrats claim that blacks are inferior and unable to succeed, that blacks are not human enough to deserve even the chance to try to succeed without permission from government overseers, it is conservatives in the Republican party who disagree, who fight for the right of everyone “to eat the bread, without the leave of anybody else, which his own hand earns” as the first Republican president famously said.

“The Democratic Party has neither changed nor repented,” Harris said, “in all the years since Republicans sacrificed their very lives to end slavery.”

Harris accused Democrats of “trying to tear down the walls of sanctuary that protect the victims of human trafficking.” She promised to vote for full funding for President Trump’s promised sanctuary wall to keep modern human traffickers—the Senator called them “the modern equivalent of slave-trading Democrats”—out of the United States. “Democrats are trying to restore human trafficking today even as they tried to restore it in the last days of slavery.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) suggested that anyone saying mean things about Democrats can’t possibly be a black woman. “She sounds more like a slaveowner to me,” said Senator Warren. “At this point, only a DNA test would salvage her 2020 election prospects. But if she’s recommending reparations to peoples harmed by Democrats, my tribe ought to be represented, too.”

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