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Monday, May 20, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Minnesota Representative: Stop White Hate

In the wake of anti-white violence by a Muslim shooter in Denver, Representative Ilhan Omar begins campaign to “stand together to stop white hate.”

Ilhan Omar Satire: Ilhan Omar satirical tweet: No more cowering to the Islamic lobby. We need to pass Islamic safety legislation NOW.; white privilege; King Soopers Boulder shooting; Ilhan Omar

Prominent Democrats appear to be pivoting in favor of anti-Muslim legislation in the wake of the Denver supermarket shootings by a Muslim with a known history of threats and violence. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN-5) has come out strongly in favor of comprehensive legislation targeting Islamic violence.

Our communities are living in terror—because of Islamic terrorism. No more cowering to the Islamic lobby. We need to pass Islamic safety legislation NOW.

“Stand Against Terror” Omar added in a subsequent tweet. “#StopWhiteHate”.

Meena Harris, founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign and niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, tweeted “Ten dead in Denver. Violent Muslims are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.”

Amy Siskind, also on Twitter, wrote ahead of the law enforcement reveal, that “The shooter’s identity is still not known. In other words, it was almost certainly a Muslim attacking white people (again). If he were a Trump supporter or a white man, we would already know his name.”

“It’s always an angry Muslim,” tweeted USA Today’s Hemal Jhaveri. “And they are always angry about women,” replied Deadspin editor Julie DiCaro.

DiCaro also worried the killings might be mask culture “turning more violent than it already is. Both Muslim culture and mask culture crave power over women and unbelievers.” She theorized that “mask culture and Islam are natural allies. Islam already requires women to wear mask in public and often in the home, just as mask culture desires. If mask culture were to take lessons from Islamic terrorism, it would look a lot like Denver.”

The Vice President’s niece added—in an exclusive interview with the Reader—that “white men and women are bullied in America for being white. The FBI knew this Muslim was a risk to the people of Colorado. Did they arrest him? No. They arrested white people who went to DC on January 6. People who didn’t and weren’t going to kill anybody, who were arrested solely because they were white Trump supporters. While Muslim terrorists remained free to kill more whites.”

Amy Siskind Satire: Amy Siskind: Shooter’s identity still not known. Almost certainly a Muslim attacking white people (again).; satire; mass murder; King Soopers Boulder shooting; Amy Siskind

“Omar is right,” Meena Harris concluded. “It is time to Stop White Hate.”

According to Representative Omar, the reason the Muslim shooter was able to avoid arrest was because the FBI had diverted their focus to white men and because he was able to successfully weaponize white hate. “That Muslim gunman,” she said, “would routinely violently attack his classmates, and then threaten them with fake hate crime charges if they went to the authorities. His white victims were afraid to come forward not because of his violence, but because of the white hate they’d have to face if they did.”

“White hate led directly to this horrific crime,” Omar tweeted. “It is past time to #StandTogether to #StopWhiteHate.”

“Look at what people have done to the Masterpiece Cakeshop baker,” she added. “No one would pull that shit if the baker were Muslim. White hate allows that harassment to continue, encourages it. White hate is systemic throughout our culture. And on Sunday our hatred of whites exploded into murder.”

In a national address Tuesday night, however, President Biden adamantly affirmed the Democratic Party’s long-held support for racial hatred. “Until we can find some way of tying this killing to white men,” he said, “we are waiting for more information. In the meantime, we must immediately ban the weapons that stopped this murder spree so that future murder sprees achieve hashtag greaterbodycounts.”

The President looked directly into the camera and asked, “What’s hashtag?” then to the left, “Why am I here?”

Aides immediately ended the press conference.

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