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Monday, April 22, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Oregon schools call minorities “shiftless & mindless”

Oregon white privilege conference says blacks, hispanics best-suited for taking orders from white masters, as they are unable to make decisions for themselves, think for themselves, and achieve success without direction.

Cartman: respect my authority!: Cartman of South Park demands respect for his authority.; police; South Park; cartoon

CFEE Professor Whitey McWhiterson demonstrates his commitment to people of color.

The Oregon Center for Educational Equity, a Cottage Grove organization that teaches white privilege to K–12 administrators and faculty, has come under fire recently for unintentional bigotry in its training materials. The Center is funded by fees from the schools that use its services to teach administrators to support white privilege. For example, the Gresham-Barlow school district provides “about $1000,000 per year on the Coaching for Educational Equity (CFEE) conference, which is optional for teachers but mandatory for administrators.”

Among the conference manuals, the teachings of the organization are that:

  • People of color can’t own property. They just destroy it and come back for more.
  • People of color are not suitable for job advancement, but rather should stick with the jobs suitable to their heritage, such as fetching me my drink.
  • People of color are prone to respect authority figures, and should be provided with white authority figures to properly guide them.

Opponents of the training program argue that the program succumbs to the “bigotry of low expectations endemic to the white activist establishment”. Attendees, however, praise the program for opening them to “a deeper level of consciousness” regarding what it means “to be a person of color in this country.”

“This was an awakening,” said one high school teacher who took the program. “It made me understand, blacks can’t do anything without whites guiding them. It has given me more confidence to begin to take steps at my school to be an ally to others who are less fortunate, mentally, and who need me to guide them into appropriate careers, careers they can be proud of without having to compete against other, superior races.”

“Honestly, after taking their program,” said another attendee, “I don’t understand why we trust hispanics to do any job without screwing it up. I’m going to take a serious look at our janitorial staff when I return to the office.”

Proponents of the program note that they’re just trying to teach white instructors and administrators to properly prepare students of color for the failure that faces them when they go up against a white culture that privileges self-expression, individual thinking, and intelligence.

“Students of color can’t succeed against whites in the job market,” said CFEE President Blanche Ivory, former on-air personality for MSNBC. “Trying to teach them self-reliance, individuality, independence, and personal choice is doomed to failure.”

“It simply isn’t in their DNA,” added Professor Eburnean Pallor III, formerly an editor at The New Republic. “You can’t possibly expect students of color to work hard. It’s racist to do so.”

“And let’s be honest here,” said President Ivory, “when we say people of color, we mean blacks and hispanics. Those damn Asians even outwork me!”

Professor Pallor agreed. “Those propeller-heads are the most racist of the bunch.”

Asked what differentiated their program from the teachings of the Ku Klux Klan, CFEE Vice President for Public Relations, Professor Whitey McWhiterson, former managing editor at The Huffington Post, replied “all white people are racist. I am racist. The Ku Klux Klan were racist, but they did not acknowledge they were racist. I will still act out racism, and people of color may have reason to be angry with me.”

“But first, they will respect our authority,” added President Ivory.

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