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Monday, May 20, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Last black ejected from civil rights movement

White is the new black: a new generation of Democrats bear the white liberal’s burden to save blacks from their own laziness.

Rachel Dolezal: Rachel Dolezal, former NAACP Spokane chapter President. Also, former white person.; Rachel Dolezal

Former NAACP Spokane chapter President.

Civil rights activists Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal, and Shaun King announced today that the last remaining black has been evicted from the black activist movement’s leadership.

According to Spokane activist Rachel Dolezal, he was ejected from the movement because he refused to accept transblacks as valid voices of the black community.

“Black is a state of mind,” said Dolezal. “I identify as black. So on a level of values, lived experience, currently, I mean, in this moment, that’s—that’s the answer. That’s the accurate answer from my truth.”

Shaun King, a transblack and leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, agrees. “Just as Hispanics can be white inside, as George Zimmerman was, whites can be black inside.”

The true oppressed are those who are born black on the inside, and the true oppressors are the bornblacks who deny this essential truth. For this reason, we have purged bornblacks from the leadership of the civil rights movement. They do not understand oppression.

Massachusetts Senator and potential Democratic candidate for president, Elizabeth Warren, praised the young transblacks.

“Ever since the progressive left praised Birth of a Nation, we’ve found it difficult to convince minorities to do what we need them to do,” said Elizabeth Warren. “The transblack and other transminority movement, which I pioneered as a transcherokee, is the answer. It marries the natural intelligence of the white to the victimization of the minority.”

Warren identifies as Cherokee and expects to be given control of the Native American movement under the New Whiteness plan.

Shaun King: Shaun King, from the Black Lives Matter group. Honestly, this looks like a Saturday Night Live skit.; Black Lives Matter; Shaun King

No, seriously, I’m black.

“Our timeline,” said Warren, “is to focus next on Native Americans, who have already mostly been replaced with whites thanks to my leadership, and then move on to whiting the Hispanic movement.”

Conservatives criticize the white Democrats as having “infiltrated” minority activist movements via a “long march through the institutions.” But King disagrees.

“The problem isn’t transblacks. The problem is bornblacks. Bornblacks are too conservative. They’re anti-science, for example: they will not accept that transblacks are blacks. As transblacks we know what their movement needs, and they keep disagreeing with us, acting and voting against their self-interest.”

“The problem with the black movement is that it was run by blacks,” said prominent Chicago Democrat Bernardine Dohrn. “Those people don’t know how to organize themselves, and they’re too lazy to maintain an organization.”

Dohrn described setting up an armed revolutionary movement in the seventies, the Weather Underground, in preparation for black revolutionaries rising up against whites. “But the black uprising never came.”

We took to the streets, we blew up pigs and soldiers, and what did the blacks do? Nothing. Manson tried to goad them into rising up, stuck a fork in the white belly. They still did nothing.

The Democratic trio argue that since bornblacks act against their self-interest, it is up to white Democrats to redirect their movement appropriately, describing this as “the white liberal’s burden.”

“We’re liberals,” they said. “Of course we know better than blacks. We know better than everybody.”

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