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Monday, June 10, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Sen. Dick Blumenthal: Gay bars “public health crisis”

Connecticut Democrat compares massacre to AIDS, says inaction has caused both epidemics.

Rainbow flag half mast: Rainbow flag at half mast in Harvey Milk Plaza, San Francisco, USA, May 26, 2009.; San Francisco; gay rights

Rainbow flags were at half-mast this week, as the gay community mourned the Democratic Party choosing radical Islam over gay lives. (brian kusler from san francisco, usa, CC-BY 2.0)

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) released a surprisingly controversial statement about the Orlando massacre last week, blaming the United States Senate for not banning gay nightclubs.

As we learn more in shock and horror about the second-deadliest terrorist attack in our history, my heart breaks for the families of loved ones lost or injured—and for our nation, continuing to suffer from this unspeakable epidemic of violent gayness. The Senate’s inaction on commonsense terrorism prevention makes it complicit in this public health crisis. Prayers and platitudes are insufficient. The American public is beseeching us to act on commonsense, sensible terrorism prevention measures, and we must heed that call.

The Senator also blamed gays for attending gay nightclubs “in direct opposition to Muslim teachings.” He compared the massacre to the AIDS epidemic which, according to Blumenthal “was the result of inaction by gays on par with the inaction of the Senate today.”

Democratic Party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) agreed, arguing that gays should “take action” to “avoid intimidating peaceful Muslims”, and stay away from gay bars.

“Gay bars are a direct insult to the prophet Mohammed,” said Wasserman Shultz. “The rhetoric and vitriol that has been targeted at this community has been absolutely outrageous and unacceptable. And the in-your-face response by the gay community has been completely irresponsible.”

The New York Times issued a rare disagreement with the Democratic Party, writing in a front-page editorial on Monday that the reason the Muslim terrorist chose a Florida gay bar was “the odious efforts of North Carolina and Texas to forbid men from using public restrooms reserved for women.”

“While the precise motivation for the rampage remains unclear,” wrote the Times, “it is evident that if Mr. Mateen had been allowed to massacre women who don’t dress to Islamic code he would not have chosen a gay bar for his crimes. Tragically, this is the state of American politics, driven too often by Republican politicians who see prejudice as something to direct toward gays, not women, most of them white.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-IN) argued that both sides have a point. “If Republicans do not allow men access to the ladies room,” she said Tuesday, “the blood of the nations is on their hands.”

A tear fell down her cheek as she continued. “Some people,” she whispered, “have a deep and abiding respect for our Muslim neighbors. And some people don’t. People start hatred. People can stop it. Keep America beautiful. Ban public displays of homosexuality.”

The Times quoted “Iron-Eyes” Warren approvingly, and added that “the only other option would be to engage Muslim nations to stop killing gays, and that would be racist.”

The White House agreed. “People who want to hold Iran accountable for hanging gays” said President Obama, “are in favor of war. There is no other option. And I believe that right-wing Christian warmongers have no place in our society.”

The Times agreed with President Obama. “Ultimately,” wrote the Times, “Christians committed that massacre.”

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