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Monday, July 8, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

New York Times claims even moderate Democrats socialist

According to accusations by the New York Times, Democrats have moved so far to the left that even moderate Democrats are socialists today.

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Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist and member of the Socialist Party of America before deciding to run for office, and a leading figure in the Liberty Union Party, which endorses candidates from the SPA’s successor, the Socialist Party USA, is in the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, according to the New York Times editorial board.

“The Democratic Party,” wrote the Times, “consists of socialists, such as Bernie Sanders, in the middle, internationalists, such as Barack Obama, towards the American center, and nationalists, such as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in its far left wing.”

The comment came in response to disruptions at Bernie Sanders’s campaign stops by Black Lives Matter activists, and the response by Sanders and his supporters. “The responses to the disruptions at Bernie Sanders’ events,” wrote the Times, “raise issues about the relationship between moderate whites and black activists.”

The Times wrote that, “in the Democratic Party’s left wing, you have international socialists such as President Barack Obama, who feel that national boundaries are less important than lifting up other countries.” For an example, the Times gave President Obama’s signature second-term accomplishment, helping Iran acquire explosive new technologies and extend their influence among religious organizations named after ancient Egyptian deities.

In the Democratic Party’s far left wing, said the Times, “you have national socialists, such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who works with corporations to regulate the domestic economy and ensure that the laws treat corporations fairly while successfully funding further campaigns.”

“Hillary Clinton,” added the Times, “was once more of an internationalist, acquiring funding through foreign countries and international concerns, but has recently erased that ideology from her Blackberry in favor of national socialism.”

“This is ironic,” they added, “because over the same period the President has switched from national to international concerns as his administration switched from working with the insurance industry crafting his signature first-term legislation to working on the international stage in his second term.”

“All Democratic politicians are socialists now,” added the Times. “It’s just a matter of degree.”

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