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Monday, May 20, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Elizabeth Warren fights to deregulate insurance lawyers

“I’m not like other Democrats who push regulations on other people then ignore the law themselves,” said Warren. “I believe in full deregulation of insurance company lawyers.”

Elizabeth Warren: “Elizabeth Warren speaking at March 29, 2010, at the Women in Finance symposium. Warren was part of a five-woman panel discussion.”; Elizabeth Warren

“Every regulation we pile onto insurance lawyers,” says Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, “is more blood on our hands. Blood. On our hands!

Elizabeth Warren came out fighting against claims she represented insurance companies without complying with Massachusetts regulations on practicing law. According to Warren, the United States has far too many regulations, and she “is proud” to fight for deregulating insurance companies.

“I defended The Travelers Insurance Company without a license because insurance companies are too heavily regulated,” said Warren. “I was making a statement about over-regulation of insurance lawyers.”

Warren added that this is why she refused to take the Massachusetts bar exam to become a licensed lawyer in Massachusetts, and why she resigned her New Jersey license. “No one should have to beg the government for a license just to do their job,” said Warren. “We need to deregulate lawyers, we need to deregulate insurance, and we especially need to deregulate insurance lawyers.”

According to Warren, she did have 1/32nd of a law license, licensed under her Cherokee name, “Dewey-Cheatum”. “My right to practice law comes from the trees and the mountains and the rivers and the lakes. No white man can take that from me.”

Warren said that being a lawyer is part of her heritage as an American Indian. “It’s part of our family lore that I am licensed as a lawyer in Massachusetts,” Warren told The Reader. “Not only am I 1/32nd Cherokee, I’m also 1/57th Sioux.”

Warren was adamant that deregulating insurance companies is good for everyone. “I wasn’t defending Travelers Insurance on their own,” said Warren. “They make insurance—good for them. But I want to be clear. You need their insurance. You are required by law to pay them for insurance. You are safe because you are forced to buy their insurance. I wasn’t defending Travelers Insurance. I was defending you.”

“It had nothing to do with the $212,000 they paid me,” she added.

Warren chastised her opponent in the Massachusetts Senate race, Scott Brown, for not supporting deregulation of insurance company lawyers.

The Scott Brown campaign ducked the issue when asked whether requiring insurance lawyers to have law licenses was anti-Indian racism. The campaign responded only that “Warren called herself Cherokee without being Cherokee, she called herself a lawyer without passing the bar exam. She’ll probably call herself Senator without winning the election.”

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