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Monday, July 8, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Drug prohibition is ended, but fight lives on

Maryland chapter of reproductive rights group says that RU-486 is the only holdover from the old, conservative drug regime.

“Prohibition in the United States has finally ended,” said Maryland Planned Parenthood Medical Director Paul Blumenthal. But Blumenthal notes one holdover from “the dark times,” as he called the prohibition years. “Apparently, someone forgot about abortion drug RU-486 when the paper curtain was lifted. What the FDA have recommended in terms of the kind of certification and licensing of RU-486 is beyond what is required for any other drug,” said Blumenthal. Doctors can now prescribe cannabis for AIDS and cancer-related wasting syndromes, and glaucoma-induced blindness. They can prescribe heroin for pain reduction in terminally-ill patients. Starbucks can now sell coca tea alongside their caffeinated beverages. Why must a doctor providing RU-486 jump through these unprecented medical hoops?”

Blumenthal said that requirements such as that doctors must know how to perform surgical abortions, and must be within one hour of a hospital, “are reminiscent of the worst kinds of abuses of the drug war.”

Sources within the abortion rights community evince worries that out-of-work drug warriors may focus on RU-486, “in much the same way that out-of-work alcohol prohibition agents in the thirties helped ramp up marijuana prohibition in order to save their jobs.”

An FDA spokesperson stated that these fears were unfounded, and that RU-486 would receive a fair trial. “RU-486 will only be banned if it turns out to be used disproportionately by blacks, hispanics, or other minorities. We will apply the same standard to RU-486 that we apply to all other new drugs.”

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