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Monday, July 8, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Exclusive: Garland gunman’s Fast & Furious firearm form

Garland, Texas, gunman Nadir Soofi purchased at least one firearm through the Obama administrations Fast and Furious program for arming drug lords, according to Justice Department sources.

Nadir Soofi Form 4473: ATF form 44673, filled out by Nadir Hamid Soofi for the purchase of an unnamed handgun under Fast and Furious.; BATF

Garland gunman’s form 4473, showing Fast & Furious purchase “to punch back twice as hard”.

Nadir Soofi, the oddly-named son of a Catholic nurse who attacked anti-Muslim conservative—and critic of President Obama—Pamela Gellar in May, purchased one of his firearms five years ago at Lone Wolf Trading Company in Phoenix, the Walkerville Weekly Reader can reveal.

The Reader has acquired Mr. Soofi’s form 4473, used by gun dealers to request a background check on prospective gun buyers. Lone Wolfe Trading Company had a reputation for ignoring inconsistencies in an applicant’s background. What Mr. Soofi could not have known was that this was because Lone Wolf was at the center of the Fast and Furious sting operation run by the current administration, kicking a similar operation by the Bush Administration several years earlier.

The program was, according to the administration, meant to track gun purchases back to drug cartels and smuggling networks. However, the drug cartels refused to compromise with the administration during their negotiations. In a show of good fait the White House offered a deal similar to that recently negotiated with Iran: in return for nothing, the drug lords got to keep their weapons and use them to kill Border Patrol agents and foreign politicians.

Because Mr. Soofi was not a drug lord, his application was initially placed on a seven-day hold for a deeper background check. The hold was lifted less than 24 hours later for reasons unknown. What the administration could have seen in the application to convince them to allow the purchase we have been unable to ascertain. The only incongruity on the form, besides a stray mark on one of the yes/no questions, was the phrase “to punch back twice as hard” under the question of purpose.

Mr. Sofi did not reveal what “to punch back twice has hard” meant, nor what prompted the strange turn of phrase.

“We think he misspelled plinking,” said Press Secretary Josh Earnest. “I know when I’m out plinking with Biden he likes to plink back twice as hard, often through a closed door.”

Senator Ted Cruz, a presidential candidate from the Republican Party’s hard right wing, charged that President Obama was fast becoming “the leading arms dealer and financier to terrorists foreign and domestic.”

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