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Monday, July 8, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

James Carville writes fellow Democrats

James Carville writes his fellow Democrats to rally support for President Obama. But how did he know to send his appeal to a newspaper?

Dear fellow Democrat,

President Obama has spent more and promised more of the American people’s money in three months than George Bush did in eight years.

I’m proud I voted for him, proud he is our president, and positive he won’t mind any tax problems I might or might not have.

But there is a skunk in this garden party threatening to foul up the rest of President Obama’s agenda. And it’s time for you and me to evict this most unwelcome visitor.

Folks, I’m talking about bipartisanship. We don’t need it. We won. Instead of moderating their positions after the 2008 elections, Republicans have kept up with their low-taxes, free market nonsense that’s got no truck with the American people. You think these people want to pay my taxes? Give me a break.

Look, Democrats have been fighting for government-run health care, spending trillions on unverifiable climate projects, and removing any possibility of educational choice since I don’t know when. Now, President Obama can make it a reality.

But he can’t do it with bipartisanship. When President Obama says “vote for expensive programs”, the Republicans should ask… well, nothing. They should just vote yes on expensive programs. But 40 Republican senators are trying to foul up President Obama’s plans by abusing the filibuster. There was a time when senators only used the filibuster as a last resort, such as to block Hispanic judges nominated by Republicans. But Republicans aren’t nominating any more judges, so there’s no need to resort to such tactics.

Senate Republicans say they want to work with President Obama… but they didn’t win the election, so fuck them. Here are just 2 critical examples:

  1. President Obama’s critical trillion-dollar spending bill: Only three Democrat-leaning Republicans voted for the President’s beautifully-stuffed political-payback bill—and one of them leaned over so far he became a Democrat anyway.
  2. President Obama’s record 3.6 trillion-dollar budget: Zero Senate Republicans supported President Obama’s 3.6 trillion dollar budget. Not even the one that turned Democrat.

Here’s the problem. There are some people who still don’t believe that higher taxes and more spending will solve our problem. Republicans are loaded for bear and amping up their grassroots every day. You and me, we don’t have grassroots. We need even more of your money. The best way you can help is to support the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).

We’re at the beginning of a long journey here. Barack Obama is just starting to dig us into a hole and I can’t believe how much he’s shoveled already. But he has so much more to do. Stand with the The DSCC and say “NO!” to Republicans who don’t want to spend our way out of debt.

Hell, we’ll be taking all of your money anyway to pay for President Obama’s programs. Why not give it to us now?

Thanks, Mr. Carville. Don’t worry, we’ll be donating-in-kind directly on our front pages.

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