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Monday, June 10, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Sarah Brady supports racial profiling

Former Handgun Control leader says racial profiling works well for other countries.

BCTPGV (the organization formerly known as Handgun Control, Incorporated) supports racial profiling of airline passengers, according to a recent press release. “We need to look at the success of Israel’s ‘El Al’ airline,” said organization leader Sarah Brady. “Part of that success is racial profiling of passengers.”

According to Brady, this is part of a long-term ideological stand for the organization formerly known as HCI. “We have always supported racial profiling for firearms ownership,” said Brady. “This is why we have always been in opposition to affordable firearms. Niggertown Saturday Night Specials allow blacks and other minorities to defend themselves and their families from white agression.”

Brady said that she and the organization formerly known as HCI firmly supports white aggression, but that it shouldn’t be construed as racist. “We also oppose firearms ownership by white trash,” said the woman formerly known as Sarah Kemp. When asked what distinguishing features could be used to identify white trash, Brady replied that “white trash is anyone who cannot afford a personal bodyguard.”

According to the organization formerly known as HCI, not all of El Al’s measures support racial divisiveness. “They also allow their airline pilots--even minorities--to carry firearms onboard. This is clearly a bad idea. U.S. airlines should not allow minorities to carry firearms, not even pilots.”

The woman formerly known as Kemp stated that the organization formerly known as HCI has “some serious concerns” that a minority pilot foiling a hijacking would be “an inestimable blow to the fight for gun control. We cannot risk even a single act of self-defense that might turn a minority firearms owner into a hero,” said Brady. “We therefore oppose any attempts at arming pilots.”

Asked if she supported arming white pilots, Brady replied, “if white pilots carry firearms on board, there is the risk that minority pilots might gain access to those arms. We therefore oppose any weapons on board an airplane except those supplied by terrorists.”

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