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Walkerville, VA
Monday, July 8, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Warren Zevon sleeps

Acclaimed singer/songwriter and satiricist rests after playing all night long.

After playing it all night long, nighttime in the switching yard, singer/songwriter Warren Zevon rested today in what the artist called a “splendid isolation”.

Friends said that he was well attended after the turbulence of the night. Charles offered Zevon his medicine, and Mohammed loaned him his radio. Zevon reportedly slept listening to Mohammed’s radio, a popular pasttime in the artist’s circle, where it was said that “the Ayatollah’s got his problems too; even Jimmy Carter’s got the highway blues,” and that all were soothed by the young Arab’s music.

Family said that Zevon also called in his closest friends to “join me in L.A.” and that a great party would be held as soon as they all ran straight down at the mall. “There may be an overdraft,” said one friend, “but you should let nothing come between you and your dreams.”

A close colleague in the music industry said that settling for the next best thing“ain’t that pretty at all” and would be “bad karma”.

Zevon, known throughout Los Angeles as a model citizen, was expected to rest until later in the day when Johnny strikes up the band.

Long-time friend “Boom Boom” Mancini said “It just makes me want to hit someone.”

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