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Monday, July 8, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Bush forewarned about tsunami attack?

Prominent political theorists claim Bush cover-up regarding Asian tsunami.

Prominent political theorists are charging that President George Bush was forewarned about the latest tsunami, and that he chose to do nothing about it. According to critics, the Christian Bible, which George Bush claims to have read, predicted devasting acts of God.

According to Michael Ruppert, the Christian Bible clearly states “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake”, and “the sound of many waters.” He added that the Bible continues that “in the earthquake were slain seven thousand... many men died from the waters”.

Ruppert writes that “seven” is a fundamentalist code word for “unlimited” or “infinite”. George Bush characterizes himself as a Christian fundamentalist. “Clearly, George Bush knew ahead of time about this earthquake and the resulting tsunami,” says Ruppert, ”and yet he chose to do nothing about it.”

Long-time administration critic Michael Moore accused Bush of ignoring that this was an act of God and instead assisting religious adherents in leaving for “safety reasons”. “Here we have the greatest act of God in ages,” said Moore, “and George Bush’s administration... what? assists God-worshippers in leaving their countries? Gives them medical assistance? I was dumbstruck. Who would do that?”

The gadfly director criticized the initial thirty-five million dollars that the United States pledged to afflicted areas. According to Michael Moore, “this is just more military aid to terrorist God-worshippers.” In the past, Moore has complained about American aid to Afghanistan and to Iraq. “This is just another sad example of how this administration supports terrorism,” said Moore.

“While 35 million may not seem like much compared to the 250 million dollars given to hungry Afghan fundies,” stated Moore, “or the six billion given to starving Iraqi dictators, it is still millions of dollars.” Moore pointed out that $35,000,000 is easily enough to make an entire movie. “My last movie cost only six million and grossed over a hundred million dollars. So 35 million is like giving Asian terrorists six hundred million dollars. Why does this administration keep giving taxpayer money to terrorists?”

The White House had no response, but a later fact sheet on the White House web site stated that the money was being given “on the condition that it not be used to make documentaries about the United States.”

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