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Monday, June 10, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Democrats fear liberal Bush Court

Democrats fear a Supreme Court where Bush appointees support extremist liberal causes such as medical marijuana, and which opposes pro-business rulings such as on the recent eminent domain case.

In the wake of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s resignation, Democrat advocacy groups are mobilizing a “grass roots army” to oppose any further liberalization of the Supreme Court. With President George Bush claiming liberal Justice Clarence Thomas as one of his “favorites”, and with one or two more vacancies likely in the next few years, Democrats fear a new, extreme liberal Bush court.

“We divide the court up into moderates, conservatives, and extreme liberals,” said People for the American Way president Ralph G. Neas. “We’re very worried that President Bush will nominate extreme liberals such as his favorite justice, Clarence Thomas.”

According to Neas, Thomas voted with an extreme liberal minority on both Gonzalez v. Raich and Kelo v. New London. Thomas would have voted, in Raich, to block the federal government from jailing AIDS and cancer patients if a state allows them to use medical marijuana. “The War on Drugs is an integral part of our war against poor people,” said Neas. “We can’t afford to lose this important tool by allowing Bush a liberal takeover of the Supreme Court.”

Neas said that Thomas’s dissent in Kelo was even worse. “Kelo was about the right of governments to seize people’s homes and hand them over to big businesses and developers,” said Neas. “Thomas voted against letting governments seize people’s homes. We can’t afford another liberal extremist like him on the court.”

Thomas would also have invalidated several provisions in McConnell v. Federal Election Commission that would have “protected the right of scalawags to speak out against government policies without fear of harm”.

Neas said that People for the American Way have identified over a hundred similar cases that a Thomas majority would overturn. “We cannot afford a Supreme Court controlled by liberal extremists. Just one or two more far-left justices could erode decades of progress for big business against sick people and homeowners,” said Mr. Neas.

More justices like Thomas would, he added, “jeopardize all of the laws we have worked for that roll back civil rights, limit free expression, and destroy privacy.”

Supreme Court Extremists: Supreme Court Extremists on Democrats fear liberal Bush Court

People for the American Way ad campaign opposing further liberalization of the Supreme Court.

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