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Monday, April 22, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Former New York mayor touts American-style violence in Britain

Former mayor Rudy Giuliani urges Britain to increase violence, crime, to greater levels. “More blood in the streets,” recommends outspoken mayor.

In the wake of Britain’s Home Affairs Select Committee recommendation that Britain reduce institutional pressures towards violence and crime, visiting ex-New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani recommended “blood in the streets” as the only viable option for good government.

“I would encourage police to arrest as many pot smokers as possible,” said Guiliani. “Prohibition enforcement causes a lot of the violence we have in America.” Guiliani added that while their recent gun prohibition laws had brought Britain closer to American levels of violence, the island nation was still far behind it’s larger cousin. “Gun laws are good for violence,” said the former mayor, “but nothing beats prohibition enforcement for increasing violence and crime.”

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik gave as an example a recent triple murder of a marijuana dealer and two guests in a midtown Manhattan deli. “Prohibition-related violence like this, it all comes from prohibition laws,” said Kerik. “These are not victimless laws. They create lots of victims, and victims--or at least their families--support tough-on-crime policies.”

Giuliani compared what he called Britain’s “paki problem” with New York’s black problem: “without prohibition laws, we could never have cracked down as hard on the lesser races as we did,” said Giuliani. “Can you imagine the public supporting plunger-style enforcement without the violence endemic to prohibition laws?”

When London politicians downplayed the extent of any “paki problem,” Giuliani warned them that they needed to create one, or find another minority. “Good government means having someone to beat on,” said the former mayor.

London mayor Ken Livingstone admired the vast number of police officers in New York compared to London’s much lower number. Livingstone is pushing for significantly increasing the number of officers in Britain’s capital. Giuliani told him, however, that “you can’t get more officers without more violence.” Giuliani noted that without excess levels of violence and crime, governments cannot function properly. “Voters will not support greater intrusion into their lives unless you give them a good reason,” said Giuliani. “Fear of violent crime is traditionally a very good reason.”

According to Giuliani, proper violence management involves using prohibition laws to increase violence, and then using draconian, racist enforcement to bring violence back down. “You then bask in your public support for reducing violence,” said the mayor.

“You can’t lose with prohibition,” added Giuliani. “Always remember: you need blood in the streets before you can clean them up.”

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