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Monday, July 8, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Kerry dumb, Bush smarter

Coming up to debates, Kerry team portrays Bush as competent.

Switching themes coming up to the first presidential debate, Democratic nominee John F. Kerry is playing up incumbent George Bush’s competence and playing down his own public speaking skills.

In the past John Kerry and his team have called into question the president’s language skills and his grasp of science, and have called him a puppet of Vice President Richard (Dick) Cheney.

More recently, however, Kerry has been more disparaging of his own language skills and more impressed with George Bush’s competence.

In Wisconsin yesterday, Kerry apologized for his own “inarticulate moments” and this morning on the ABC morning show “Good Morning, America,” he said that “absolutely” Bush was smart, and also “a very clever debater”.

When ABC’s Diane Sawyer asked if this change might be another “flip-flop, trying to lower expections for tonight’s debate,” Senator Kerry responded, “duh... what?”

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