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Monday, February 26, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Michael Moore gags Tim Robbins

Moore calls for using Campaign Finance Reform law against outspoken actor.

Oscar-winning director Michael Moore today slammed actor Tim Robbins for “trying to create a special interest group in favor of constitutional rights.” Moore called for prosecution of Robbins under the recently-passed Campaign Finance Law.

According to Moore, “the new campaign finance law makes it a little easier for incumbent politicians and filmmakers to swipe democracy from the people.” He said that “any attempt by the people to band together for a greater voice in politics is now an illegal infringement on the rights of rich media producers such as myself to influence politics.”

Moore chastized Robbins for calling on people to stand together in support of civil rights. “The people have no right to band together and influence congress,” said Moore. “I intend to use the Campaign Finance Reform Act stop fringe actors such as Robbins from calling on people to band together in support of the constitution,” said Moore.

Moore added that he hoped to use the Campaign Finance Reform Act to help him gain Oscars. “I’m coming out with a new political mockumentary, and if any on-line civil rights nuts start pointing out my inaccuracies, I can call it electioneering and have them arrested. Is this cool or what?”

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