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Monday, April 22, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Jersey Democratic Party Shifts to Right

Party lawyer Genova pulls Reagan defense, claims “I do not recall.”

Dear Ms. Purcell: I stumbled upon your website recently and read with interest an article entitled “New Jersey Party Enacts Two Party Standard”. I was amazed to read a quotation attributable to me, as counsel to the New Jersey Democrats in that case which came as a great surprise to me, having no recollection of communicating with you or your staff with respect to the article. In the absence of your confirming for me the source of these comments, and their identification with me, I expect them to be retracted they do not reflect my sentiments in that case or otherwise. Please confirm your receipt of this email and your intentions in this regard.

Angelo J. Genova, Esq. 12/6/03

We thank you for your letter, and, in accordance with the license you have agreed to on our comments page, our intention is to publish it.

We understand that Democrats are having some problems in local and national politics, but suggest that emulating Republican party members’ ability to conveniently forget important parts of their lives is not the way to remedy your electoral problems.

We would love to retract the statements we made in that article. If there is one thing we hate, it is lawsuits. Well, that and fact-checking. We are a professional newspaper, after all. As I was saying, if there are two things we hate, they are lawsuits and fact-checking. Oh, and losing advertisers because there hasn’t been enough blood and sex in the news. If there are three things we hate, they are lawsuits, fact-checking, and losing advertisers.

We strive to provide a professional and reliable publication, and our professionalism must also be reflected in our retractions. However, as an Internet-based newspaper, it is impossible to retract anything that we say: we have no page twenty-three on which to bury our retractions. Without the ability to present our retractions in a professional manner, we must sorrowfully refuse to print them at all. We have our standards.

If it is any consolation, no one cares what you said or didn’t say about third parties. You should know this: the court ruled in your favor that third parties don’t matter. You don’t have to feel alone. There are three pot smokers currently waiting for John Walters to end prohibition, as the Reader earlier reported that he would do. They may be willing to share a bong hit with you.

We at the Reader care for your health, and recommend not inhaling. It could further damage your fragile short-term memory, and the last thing you want to resemble these days is a Reagan Republican.

Comment on New Jersey Supreme Court enacts two-party state: Court says that regardless of other candidates, ballots must have both Democrat and Republican candidates “to allow voters a choice”.