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Monday, May 20, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Palin prompting techno-phobia

Palin’s refusal to use modern technology to allow impromptu speaking turns to palm-reading at tea party.

Former Alaskan Prime Minister Sarah Palin traveled to the United States Saturday to speak to the Teabag Party in Nashville. While speaking in America’s 57th state, the Canadian politician was photographed completely bereft of teleprompter, prompting ridicule from beltway politicians.

Anonymous aides complained to Reader reporters that Palin almost never allows a teleprompter to let them feed her appropriate speeches and answers.

“She’s a real technophobe,” agreed one anonymous former McCain staffer. “She’ll never be presidential material until she can follow a teleprompter at any impromptu gathering.”

Another anonymous McCain staffer, a former member of the Marine Corpse, questioned the former politician’s honesty. “She only had seven words scribbled on her palm. How can she answer questions honestly without seeing poll-tested answers from experts?”

Political analyst Bates Ironwood told the Reader that “She’ll never corner the all-important former aide vote if she doesn’t let aides tell her what to say.” She should look at how helpful political consultants were to her Albertan running mate, John McCain, he added, “and follow suit.”

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