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Monday, May 20, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Popular Christmas song perpetuates rape culture

Global warming experts and feminists warn of rape epidemic with onset of winter weather, holiday music, but mostly holiday music.

With the holiday season winding down and winter winding up in many northern states, American feminists are raising alarms about an upcoming epidemic of weather-rape.

Climate change experts have been warning for years that global warming will lead to an increase in rape rates, but the mechanism for the increase has been poorly understood. Feminists believe they have found the link in popular culture, particularly the pop standard Baby, it’s cold outside.

According to feminists, the Frank Loesser-penned hit is a “date rape carol” or “date rape anthem”. Professor Barbara Boopstein of Walden College explained that

…the whole song is based on an out-dated and very sexist notion that if a woman refuses a man’s sexual advances, she cannot possibly mean it. To be sure, her part in the song indicates that she may be willing to be persuaded, but that’s just the point: no really means yes.

Boopstein further complained that “He won’t even lend her a coat!” According to American feminist theory, says Professor Boopstein, “men refusing to lend women coats is a vestige of the patriarchy.”

These lyrics are a perfect illustration of the way men pressure women into experiences that they don’t want, aren’t ready for or aren’t interested in. Songs like this work to normalize this problematic male behavior, a behavior which contributes and perpetuates rape culture in general.

Boopstein advises her students that, to counter the weather-rape culture, they should “engage in a conversation about sexism with your friends and families over the holidays. It will make for interesting and lively conversations, I promise.”

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