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Monday, May 20, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Someone is a fiction writer

Walkerville Weekly Reader (Someone is a fiction writer)

I am very curious about quotes attributed to me in “Restorative law enforcement success in St. Petersburg” dated Monday, July 30, 2001. It appears that someone took information from an article in the St. Pete Times back in May 2000 and rewrote history. I hope your readers are aware that someone at your organization is a fiction writer. I would like the author who attributed these words to me to give me a call and explain.

Deanna Dammer

We have a profound dislike of fiction at the Reader, and are horrified to learn that one of our respected institution is a writer of such. We hold with Thomas Jefferson that fiction is a “poison” that “infects the mind”. We are loathe to disengage an employee without proof, however, and respectfully request that you forward us the name of the novel which this author has written.

As to our rewriting of history, we take pride in our journalistic integrity. We would never rewrite history except to sell more papers or favor a preferred political entity, or perhaps out of an ignorant bias we have not yet identified in ourselves. Those are all established reasons for rewriting history. But otherwise—never.

Comment on Restorative law enforcement success in St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg police retroactively slash throat of employee whose death was prevented by evil gun granny.

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