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Monday, June 10, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Support the freedom to vote as you wish

The Reader is proud to offer space for this guest editorial to the American Civil Liberties Union. We prove our independence whenever we align with similar political interests.

Tammany Seuss: “Today’s the Big Day, Folks. Vote Early and Often!”; vote fraud; clean elections; Tammany Hall; Dr. Seuss

We are in a race against time to make sure millions of proxy and extra (important, ha ha) votes aren’t excluded from this fall’s critical elections—and we need your immediate involvement in the ACLU’s all-out effort to protect the right to over-vote.

Here is the situation. Aggressive backers of ballot integrity—voter ID, purges of dead and moved voters from voter files, and rollbacks of laws that let people sign up for voting without identification and then immediately vote without verification—are driving to have a heavy impact on vote-balancing methods in November’s elections.

They are warning the public about past ballot-tampering attempts and highlighting the weaknesses in ballot integrity, and trying to convince the public to support clean elections.

In fact, clean elections are profoundly anti-democratic. Clean elections favor one side in elections—the side that doesn’t control dead and absent voter ballots! In a moment of rare candor, a former state political chair in Florida acknowledged that the only reason he and his Republican cohorts nationwide support clean voting is because “clean voting is good for us.”

I need not remind you, gentle reader, that unclear and ambiguous votes in his state in 2000 almost threw the election to our side. A few more dead voters or out-of-state voters and we could have taken Florida before the more dispassionate recount showed that the Republican candidate won.

Couple this with a Supreme Court decision that, in the words of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “demolishes the right of Democrats to control the ballots of Black voters”. The Court’s decision has made it more difficult for the Justice Department to bottle up and delay clean election laws in close states.

So it is no surprise that we are looking at a dramatic loss for Democrats in November.

The good news is that the ACLU is actively responding. And recently, we won a huge victory when a state court blocked Pennsylvania’s extreme clean elections law even though our lead plaintiff had already acquired a voter ID through the normal process.

That was an amazing victory. But we need to keep blocking—and we urgently need your support as we defend the principle that elections should be decided by who is the best at recruiting the dead and ineligible, and not by whose demagoguery convinces more misguided voters to support them contrary to their own best interests.

As ACORN says, “Honesty is not going to get you the House.” Let people vote, regardless of status of residency or mortality. Let us vote wherever they wish, however many times we wish, as whoever we wish. Anything else is un-American.

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