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Monday, May 20, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

How to Spell Lafayette

Brits always knew Jefferson a traitor.

Dear Carolyn Purcell,

Thank you for your amusing article. We Brits have always believed Jefferson was a traitor. It is surprising to find he was really “a jolly good chap”.

Question: Why didn’t the Americans name their capital after the founder of their country.

Answer: Lafeyette was too difficult to spell.

With good wishes on your Thanksgiving Day

David Gwilliam

Dear Mr. Gwilliam,

Lafayette apparently is very difficult to spell.

Question: Why do the British refer to their Queen as “Her Majesty”?

Answer: Quentin Crisp is too difficult to pronounce.

Hope you had a great Guy Fawkes’ Day.

Comment on Thomas Jefferson revealed as traitor: Revered founder revealed as a traitor in America’s fight for independence against France.