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Walkerville, VA
Monday, April 6, 2020
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

  • Americans United story completely fabricated?

    Ariel Heart writes a heartfelt plea to reality, begging it to measure up to the standards of fiction.

    I contacted Americans United and they have NOTHING to do with this. I quote the AU representative “Americans United has sent no such letter regarding Democrats or the White House. That story is completely fabricated.” I do not see where you state that the story was satire!

  • U.S. PIRG does not support ending subsidies?

    Phineas from Boston writes that the U.S. PIRG does not support ending subsidies, just some subsidies. PIRG spokesperson Moses Corvus responds to the allegations.

    The fact that U.S. PIRG and Ryan both oppose agricultural subsidies does not mean that U.S. PIRG supported Ryan ending agricultural subsidies. A basic Google search immediately reveals several press statements from U.S. PIRG opposing the Ryan Plan. Please correct this erroneous reporting.

  • Make the Reader narrower and less PC!

    Lance from Shanghai suggests that the Reader needs a narrower viewpoint and more politically-incorrect content. We respectfully disagree.

    Your web page is too wide. Can’t you make it a bit narrower or make it fill say 90% of the window instead of some fixed figure such as 913 pixels? Non-PC users don’t generally like their web browser window to hog the entire display screen area.