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Monday, April 22, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Democrats fear gay right wing court nominee

Liberal politicians are aghast at Bush Supreme Court nominee’s support of gay marriage rights and other right-wing causes.

Democrats and left-bloggers are aghast at the latest scandalous behaviour of Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts. The Los Angeles Times has reported that Roberts has supported gay rights, specifically marriage rights, a position that some Democrats are calling “the equivalent of an American Taliban”.

He is, in the words of one reporter, “a conservative’s conservative.”

Gay rights isn’t the only right-wing cause that Roberts has supported. He was also instrumental in helping “the neediest of the needy” regain government support during the mid-nineties budget crisis in Washington, DC, though he eventually lost the case.

Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass) complained strongly about Roberts’s extreme right-wing views yesterday when he said that he feared an America in which gays can marry and the federal government would be unable to prosecute AIDS patients. “ John Roberts’s America,” said Kennedy, “is a land in which women would be forced into competing with men for the affection of future husbands, sick people would be able to use effective medicine, and welfare recipients could take citizens’ taxes in budget crises.”

Kennedy noted special concern that any Supreme Court nominee “must support the commerce clause interpretation that allows us to put AIDS and cancer patients in jail.” Kennedy was adamant that AIDS patients and gays are the greatest threat facing America today.

Bloggers on the web’s left voiced similar concerns. Commenting on the new information about Roberts’s right-wing support of gay rights, Ezra Klein of Tommorow’s Media Conspiracy Today wrote “He’s a beast,” and pointed out that, even worse, “He has also helped welfare recipients fight the government in order to get their checks.”

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