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Walkerville, VA
Monday, April 22, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Sick deserve compassion, not prosecution

Walkerville Weekly Reader (Sick deserve compassion, not prosecution)

I think Judge George King should be removed from his position. He is a disgrace to the justice system. He has displayed his lack of compassion for seriously ill patients (who are also mothers and fathers, son and daughters) who are simply trying to find relief from their illness and treatments. These people deserve our compassion, not to be criminalized and prosecuted.

Marijuana is much less harmful and addictive than alchohol, the only reason its not legal yet is because the arrest and prosecution of users are providing the financial framework for the American Corrections System.

Just think, if we stopped prosecuting those laidback marijuana smokers, then a few thousand prison guards might lose their jobs at the new federal or state corrections facility that was recently erected. And also a few hundred thousand families might have the chance to spend time with a parent, brother, sister, aunt or uncle…

Denying medicine to a seriously or terminally ill patient who then suffers needlessly is just another form of terrorism.

Lisa Wilson

Now, Lisa, remember that it can’t be called terrorism unless it uproots the lives of innocent people and causes death and suffering…


Comment on Federal judge opens season on AIDS patients: AIDS patient dies from lack of medical marijuana. Judge King says “that was the whole point all along” and issues warning to all government critics.