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Monday, July 8, 2024
Carolyn Purcell, Editor

Shocker: Hillary Clinton endorses Donald Trump

After reviewing Comey testimony, former Secretary of State says Donald Trump has more of what it takes to be President, drops out of race.

Clintons at Trump wedding: Bill and Hillary Clinton pal around with Donald Trump at wedding.; Bill Clinton; Hillary Clinton; President Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton discuss Clinton’s surprising endorsement, and future ethical training.

Democratic candidate for President Hillary Clinton surprised the press at her first press conference of 2016 by announcing that she is formally endorsing the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

The former Secretary of State said that Mr. Trump has the temperament and personality necessary to “do exactly what should be done, and take America’s interest and security very seriously.”

Mrs. Clinton took herself out of the running for President, claiming that “if elected, I might short-circuit, and be unable to perform my White House duties.”

The combination endorsement and resignation came in response to FBI Director James Comey calling Mrs. Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State “reckless and irresponsible.” Hillary Clinton agreed, saying that she “did exactly what I should have done done, recklessly and irresponsibly. Recklessness and irresponsibility are the two most important qualifications for President of the United States.”

The candidate added that “the only American more reckless and irresponsible than myself is Donald Trump. Therefore, Donald Trump will make a better President than I.”

Donald Trump praised Mrs. Clinton, calling her “a leader, unlike what we have in this Party. She’s a leader far more than Reince Priebus has been. There’s a lot of stupidity going on in the race right now, a lot of lying, a lot of stupidity.”

When asked if he would condemn Clinton’s alleged deletion of incriminating emails and her exposing the State Department to foreign hackers, Trump responded, “sure, absolutely.” But he went on to defend Clinton by calling out the press for its ethical hypocrisy.

“A lot of you folks have credibility problems, I hate to tell you,” Trump told the rowdy pool of reporters. “Who among you hasn’t lied to the public, or hidden damaging information?”

Trump announced that he’d be sending Hillary Clinton through an ethics and credibility training program. “We’re going to get her into a trust program, get her down from 30,000 to only 15,000 missing emails.”

“In the long run, we’re going to improve both her recklessness and irresponsibility,” said the presumptive frontrunner. “Don’t worry folks, she’s a natural.”

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